GEP is offering volunteers a life-enriching opportunity to share their skills and expertise in our Nkwanta educational and community projects.  Volunteers will find a warm welcome and  will also discover a great joy  in working with the local  children, whose enthusiasm and desire to learn is inspirational.

Volunteering with GEP is an opportunity for someone who can bring maturity and experience, whatever their age, and who can commit to at least a couple of months in Nkwanta.  It is helpful for volunteers to have teaching qualifications or experience so that they can offer positive input to local schools.  We would also welcome those with particular expertise in sports crafts. 

There is also the possibility of working in the local hospital, but applicants may be required, under Ghanaian regulations, to provide evidence of suitable qualifications. 

The most welcome volunteers who have visited recently, have also done some very good fund-raising before their visits and have  been able to see the benefits of their efforts" in situ". Any volunteering in Nkwanta is a real  two way  commitment.  The volunteers get as much or more out of their stay as those for whom they "work".  

GEP is a small charity and volunteers will be expected to meet their costs including travel and insurance, although  advice and logistical support  is available.  Accommodation is offered in GEP's new purpose built guest house at reasonable cost but for those staying for some time or on a very tight budget, we also have some clean but basic rooms for rent.  Others may prefer to work in a more remote village for a home-stay experience.

Working in the community is the best way to get to know the people and the culture.   Nkwanta although friendly is not a particularly social place.  Coming with a friend or as a couple is advisable unless you are especially independent and self-sufficient. However it is not a good idea to come in a large group as this often means there is little incentive to mix with local people. Nkwanta cannot offer the comforts of Western living but volunteers return from their stay with a better understanding of how people live day to day .  Past volunteers say their own lives have been reinvigorated  and they have gone back home full of ideas and renewed enthusiasm

If you would like more information please contact Gill Norris, our project manager in Nkwanta.  It would be very helpful if you gave some details of your areas of interest, any experience and proposed time of your visit. Please note that to come in August is not always practical as schools are on main vacation and the roads are often very bad for travel from Accra. The best times are between November and June.



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