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To find out more about Ghana Education Project and how you can support Kyabobo Girls' School or our other initiatives in Ghana, please contact us now at:


Ghana Education Project

9 Byng Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN4 8EG

Registered Charity No: 1079399

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About Ghana Education Project

Ghana Education Project is an award-winning UK charity supporting the development of the Nkwanta district of Ghana through the education and training of young people, the building of community facilities and the promotion of equality for girls and women across Ghana. View the impact our work has had.

The charity is run by an enthusiastic team of unpaid trustees and volunteers and supported by a bi-annual team of girls from Tunbridge Wells Girls' Grammar School (TWGGS) – so nearly every penny raised in funds goes directly towards our projects in Africa, with only a tiny proportion spent on mandatory administration in the UK.

You can download copies of our annual accounts using the links below: