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A new classroom block to increase the number of pupils taught.

A new classroom block to increase the number of pupils taught in Ghana.

By the end of 2018, Kyabobo Girls' School is planning to provide a full secondary education for 500 girls across three years of JHS and three years of SHS. This is a huge 60% increase on our initial target of 300 pupils and a new building is under construction to accommodate this expansion.

The new block will include four extra classrooms and a school office. The structure of the building is substantially complete although we are still seeking funds to pay for the internal finishing.  

Thanks to an extremely generous personal donation from a supporter of GEP we have already been able to purchase classroom furniture for the whole block which will ensure that the new classrooms will all be ready this summer.

We have also made great progress by installing a fantastic new computing suite at the school, complete with full Internet access. We are aiming to equip all KGS girls with essential ICT skills to accelerate their learning in other subjects and significantly improve their future prospects in the digital age.